About Us

MISSION:  Our mission is to provide our customers and ourselves with excellent breeding stock and tasty, high quality, nutritious beef. These two goals are harmonious and work together as described below.


IT ALL STARTS WITH GRASS:  The production of excellent breeding stock and top quality table meat starts with a healthy mixture of pasture grasses and legumes.

We are basically graziers; our function, like the shepherd of old, is to provide the best grazing opportunity to our cattle all year long.  In the most fundamental sense, we are solar energy harvesters:  we convert solar energy into grass, then grass into high protein meat and breeding stock through the process of grazing.  This process DOES NOT require pushing it along with high energy grain or feed mixtures.  Good healthy cattle should fatten and finish on pasture grass, not in a corral or a feed lot.

EFFICIENCY IS THE KEY:  This conversion process is done by the cattle themselves.

We selected the Aberdeen breed primarily due to their outstanding conversion efficiency as demonstrated by our cattle when compared to other commonly known types of beef cattle (see additional detail under Aberdeen Advantage).  It is measured in Pounds of Edible Meat produced Per Acre.  This is different than current thinking which, simply stated, is that “bigger is better”.  Other attractive traits of this breed are its Angus genetics that produce high quality, fine grained beef, a docile, friendly nature, calving ease, and ability to handle weather extremes.

Included in this philosophy is that the best meat is produced when the animals grow up contented and stress free.  It comes about by establishing  sustainable practices utilizing non toxic methods of weed, fly, and parasite control… and also working in harmony with natural cycles and avoiding overcrowded, polluted conditions.